Print filter tag items

Items with filter tags on it, do not seem to appear in a printed checklist. How can select a filters before printing such that the relevant items are printed as well?

Hello Peter. On my end any items marked as a filter item still print.

Can you please use the action Create Share Link… (located from the menu on your checklist card) from the MiraCheck Cloud app ( and email the link to so we can take a look at what you are seeing?

The issue was that when printing it only prints items of type Check Item, so other item types like Sketch Pads are ignored. Thinking a bit more about it, it does seem to make sense too print all item types, so we have made that change. If you print now you should see all items.

Thanks! That works, what did you change? For everyone, or just in my checklist?

For everyone. Your issue has nothing to do with using filters. It was just that any item types other than Check Items were never being printed. After seeing your issue it seemed like a good idea to show all item types on the print.

Great!, Thanks for your quick response and action!

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