A "Goto and Return" to an other item goes back to complete checklist instead of after item of goto

I have additions for IFR flights to parts of my standard checklists available in a general IFR checklist.
If I have an item “Goto and Return” in my standard checklist going to the indcated part in my IFR additions checklist, the “GO BACK” returns to the beginning of the original checklist, not after the item with the “Goto and Return” instruction.
In this way it does not seem usefull to me. Am I doing somthing wrong? How do I make the “GO BACK” return to after the last checked item in the original checklist?

We will look into if there is a potential issue there on the Go Back from a secondary checklist. I get trying to be modular, but is there a reason not to have the IFR content within your planes checklist. If so the Go Back is definitely working properly there.

Once you take a look at how Value Triggers work you may want to potentially use that approach instead of linking for IFR. It would allow you to dynamically display IFR items right in the flow of you checklist without leaving and coming back.

Tip: If you have a separate checklist and want to copy content into another checklist, you can Copy a List, Section, or Item, close that checklist, open another, and paste where you want it.

I am trying now indeed Value Triggers. Not succesful yet, see other topic about mutual exclusive filters. But I like the idea.

Yes! Value Triggers work for my purpose much better. I included ll items from the IFR additions checklist to the normal checklist and use Value Triggers to make them active or not.

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