Able to add a slight pause?

When you have several components in an item, e.g.,

  1. Check Fuel Pressure
  2. Fuel Pump OFF

Is it possible to add a slight pause after “Check fuel pressure”

Thank you.


If you add an extra line in between the two bullets, there will be a slight pause and it will read this more natural.

  1. Check Fuel Pressure

  2. Fuel Pump OFF

Can you do that with an entire section? For example, for the Takeoff section, is there a way to insert a pause between each item, so that when Mira reads the entire section, it doesn’t sound so “rushed”? I couldn’t see how to add an extra line in between items in a section? Thanks :slight_smile:

Great feedback. We will look at adding a Preference, Read Section Item Delay, where you could set a delay time for in between items.

That would be fabulous! Thanks :slight_smile:

Version 1.5.0 was approved. It has the feature to be able to add a delay when items are being read.

AWESOME! That was FAST! Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. Can’t wait to use this new feature.
Just updated to Version 1.5 - can you tell me where the pause option is?

Thanks again for continuing to improve an already great product.

To be clear, this option is to add a delay when you have Mira read an entire section. So if you click on a Section title (or say READ SECTION) like, Takeoff, she will start to read each item in that section and she will pause for the delay between each item.

I want to do this in IOS, with a bulleted list to get a slight break/pause between bullet items
But if I place a spacing line in the list items they disappear! (I think from a one level restriction) in IOS answer I got in a different post.

That being said is there another way to pause the voice in a item list between lines ? (maybe a coded pause some how ?)

The best you can do is paste the content in the audio override and put a period at the end of each bullet. The period should give a slight delay but for longer delay right now Apple does not give a way to pause between text like that.

I thought I knew where the ‘audio override’ was but I can’t find it in the web in either Firefox or chrome, what am I missing ?

I found the section under Advanced and then [Comments]
but neither a .
nor extra lines spaces makes any pause :frowning:

Actually Maybe I did not find the section:
I tired chaning the audio overide to something other than the label 1 item and mira still speaks the label 1 , what am I doing wrong ???

It is not under [Comments] but under [Label 1] or [Label 2] depending on what label of content you want to override.