Account requesting payment - already paid

It seems as though something may be out of sync on my account. In the app, it recognizes that I am a paid user as the advanced features like speech recognition are enabled, but when I try to log into cloud to edit or create checklists I am prompted to select a subscription level and then asked for payment details again.

Any idea how to fix this?

I sent you an email about this.

In my Android (Samsung Tab 4) looks like the speech recognition is not activated how can I enable it?

Sorry. It is documented in multiple places that the Android version does not yet support the voice recognition feature. Right now that is the one feature that is not supported. That feature is a huge investment and the sad truth is in the pilot community 9 out of every 10 users are on iOS. If we receive enough demand over time we would make the investment.

Same for me. I bought a subscription in the app, but it is not recognised in the web-cloud version. So, I bought a checklist, but it is not delivered as in the cloud/webversion it says that I can only have 5 checklists. Syncing removes the bought subscription from the phone, but syncs the checklists. Trying to buy again on the phone gives me a popup that I bought the subscription already and that I can extend it (with another year), which I did not do. Please fix.

Can you please send an email to with your username and email so we can get resolved? Thanks!