Add pdf documents to checklist items, how to?

I thought I read somewhere it would be possible to add pdf documents to checklist items.
But I can nit find how to do that?
Any ideas?
Would like to add some performance charts from the POH.

You can’t directly add PDF files which are typically large documents, but you have a options to embed images. You would use a clipping tool like SnagIt, the Windows snipping tool or equivalent on Mac to grab an image from the PDF. You then can add the image to the Comments of an item. There is an action in there to upload an image. There is an Advanced tab as well to play with properties like Width. You can enter pixels or percents.

There is an experimental property Inline Comments that if you check that will show the image in your label without having to open Comments first. For this sometimes you need to play with the width of the image.

Note: Adding a lot of images can make the checklist pretty large because they are embedded in the checklists so it runs offline. Try to scale your images down prior to uploading as much as possible.

Thanks, OK no pdf’s then I will indeed use images. Already found that option, but not with the detals you give here yet.
As the amount of performance charts I like to add is limited, only runway take-off and landing performance, the size will not be that big. In this case it will not be a inline comment as it is only reuqired under certain circumstances.