Announce rotation speed

Would it be possible to have Mira announce V1 and Vr what a great feature and if could announce Vx & Vy that would even be better

I am not sure I exactly get your question. I assume you mean right before takeoff or during takeoff? The content she announces is completely customizable by you.

I think he means that Mira actually announces when the aircraft achieves the pre programmed V speeds. So if rotate speed(Vr) is say 60kts then Mira says Vr when that speed is attanined

Yes, he emailed me directly and that is what he was asking. Here was my response…

The speed is based on GPS which on the ground is pretty accurate but not positive in air and with factors like wind. We will try to do some testing to see how accurate and then it would be easy to support such a feature at least as guidance that could announce it when it is close where you then should check your IAS.