App crashes to a black screen

I have phase of flight (rate of climb) checklist setup to prompt to stow flaps and turn the fuel pump off. When testing the checklist the app when progressing to that list it crashes, the screen turns black. If I quit the app and reopen it the screen remains black. This is the status today, the app remains as a black screen. This issue has only started since the upgrade

When you say when progressing to that list, are you saying you are just checking through items and when it gets to that List it turns black?

Can you please use the Create Share Link function in the MiraCheck Cloud app and send the link to

Yes that’s right to your question and I will forward a sharing link as requested. I have just turned off the flight stage in an effort to clear the issue but I’ll turn it back on so you can see it and troubleshoot etc.


Further info. Despite me performing no actions on my iPhone the app has become responsive again and it has defaulted back to my checklists. I suspect that approx 30 min has elapsed since the screen went blank. Also FYI I ran my checklist again and the blank screen issue was repeated.