App keeps running on iPhone

Experimenting with Miracheck I notice that the app keeps running after I close the app on my iPhone. The is a red bar at the top of the desktop that if you press it brings you right where you left off. How do I completely shutdown Miracheck, even though I have not completed all sections, to keep from draining my battery?

There are a couple of things now where MiraCheck runs in the background. Because of the voice capabilities it is very similar to how a music player works where audio can play in the background. Also similar to how ForeFlight or Garmin Pilot track your geolocation, that all happens in the background as well so you can use other apps. In our testing the background work it is doing is pretty efficient.

To remove an app from running it’s a bit different on an iPhone or iPad on how to remove an app from memory. Devices with home buttons you typically double-click and it shows all running tasks, and you swipe to remove one. On the iPhone X and newer iPad Pros you typically swipe up from the bottom to get to this task view.