App Quits as soon as timer is selected IOS

As soon as I select “Named Timer” called Start FREDA - 1 Minutes the Mira app on IOS quits. Tested on 2 different iPads both running IOS 12.4. One is iPad mini and other is standard size. Models are NGWL2B/A and FGJ22B/A.
This appears to be an issue todo with the way the app creates the notification which does briefly appear after the app has quit. App is latest version 402.312

Thanks for the feedback. We will try to reproduce the issue.

Trying to recreate, but having no luck. Can you give the steps for how you created the timer. Do the other timers work when you click on them?

Adding WeTransfer link below to screen video that shows issue.

Download link

Ignore the following it was user error on my part. The other issue remains active.ADDITIONAL RELATED PROBLEM. I have reacted a new timer called “Please do a FREDA Check every 15 Minutes. This does not cause the app to crash when it’s started but has a new problem. For testing I set repeat to every 5 seconds as per attached screenshot. After starting the time nothing happens for a few minutes. Then I get the message pop up every 10 seconds over and over again. The message only comes up when the checklist app is in the foreground.

When you say the other issue remains active, what issue is that?

I have tried to reproduce the timer test. Here is a link to a video where I create a repeatable timer every 5 seconds. When the app goes in the background it then uses iOS notifications when the timer completes. Make sure iOS notifications are not on do not disturb or you won’t see them when in the background.