ATC -> Speech-to-text note

Has someone tried to use the speech-to-text function to record flight instructions?

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When you say record flight instructions, do you mean you dictating the instructions?

My Tablet is connected to the Avionik, so that I can record the ATC. My idea is that the tablet recognize the speech of -for example- the ground control e.g. „taxi to holding point runway 23 right via Lima Mike1 and Sierra and holt short of…“, and make a text note in a saparate text field.

It is a great idea, but currently some technical challenges. Our current text-to-speech engine is a small vocabulary command-based engine so it can work on mobile, respond fast and run completely offline.That would require a more robust dictation engine. Apple hasn’t made it easy for developers yet to utilize Siri dictation in that capacity. If those challenges were met, also not yet sure with quality of most radio transmissions and noise how accurate the recognition would be.