Audio enable / disable for List or Section

I’ve been using MiraCheck for three years and finally decided to try some voice commands - late adopter! I have a very long Checklist which takes me through Pre-flight to engine shutdown in a variety of scenarios (IFR/VFR/Towered/Not Towerded, etc.).

I’d like to have Mira read only specific section of my checklist. I see a way to enable / disable audio for the entire Checklist, but not for a specific List or Section.

Is it possible to set something in a List or Section that will enable/disable audio?


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Sorry, there is not yet a way to do at a list or section level. There is a bit of a crude workaround, but if you have a lot of items you want to do it to a bit tedious. In the narration override for labels and titles (e.g. Label 1 Narration Override) if you put and quotes twice…""…you are overriding Mira to say nothing, so she won’t speak the label.

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Thank you for the prompt reply.

I think there is a place for voice interaction, but it’s not everywhere and always. This is somewhat related to the difference between a “checklist” and “do list” and whether I’m confirming that I did everything I should have done, or I want to be guided through what I should do.

When doing my exterior walk around pre-flight, I don’t need a “do list”. When I have an emergency in flight and I want to focus on aviating while also trying to process the emergency procedure, it would be useful to have a hands off, walk through a check list voice interaction. And of course there are other times when a “do list” is a good thing.

In any case, I’ll stick with No Audio for now and look forward to when there is more granular control over using voice.

Thanks agian as I still like using the product to produce customized checklists!

Would another work around be to branch out of my primary checklist to another checklist, and then back into the primary when/if completed? I would disable the narration in the primary, but enable it in the subordinate?

Potentially, but I think it would get cumbersome to manage if you had a lot of sections all created as mini checklists. Also, the user experience loading a new checklist and coming back for those sections not as ideal compared to if all one checklist. A simple thing I would do initially which will address the preflight at least is to create your preflight checklists as a separate checklist that you run. I have a separate preflight and inflight checklist because run preflight on phone and inflight on iPad.

No guarantees, but will try to get it in there to allows lists and sections to have a flag not to speak narration for our next release which we are trying to get done before Christmas.

In the mean time, there is a toggle button on the bottom toolbar to toggle audio off/on. When going through the areas you don’t want narration, you can tap that.

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Version 5 will have the ability to toggle audio on/off for all items in the checklist, lists, sections or items. So if you have a List or Section of content you don’t want here to narrate you will be able to do that. You will also be able to toggle the audio on/off for when Mira reads List titles and Section titles, including the suffix she appends when she reads a List or Section - e.g. PREFLIGHT LIST vs. PREFLIGHT, INTERIOR SECTION vs INTERIOR. Finally, you can toggle the welcome audio on/off when you start the app.

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Thank you for the huge changes in 5.0 and in particular the fine granular control of voice annunciation.

After four years I’m now restructuring my lists to incorporate voice into some of my checklists. That has brought forth another suggestion.

I’m weaving together checklists for different needs at different times. Some where I’m fine being heads down (e.g., pre-flight) and some where I want to be focused elsewhere in the cockpit, or at a different display, or outside. I suggest that for a future release you consider migrating some of the global parameters in the co-pilot to be attributes of a checklist, rather than global. For example, some checklists want to be Challenge/Response, others do not. Others might want a different timeout on the listening, etc. Just a suggestion.

Thank you again for the continual improvement!