Audio Override Information

A new capability has been added to MiraCheck Cloud to show any places where you override audio and also make it easy to edit it if you do add an override.

To add an Audio Override, you go to the Advanced panel of the List, Section or Item and then expand the panel for the label you want to override audio with.

After you do this, the item in the hierarchy is marked with an Audio Override tag so you can easily see all the places you have these overrides. It also then adds the audio override property right next to the label that you override to make it easy to edit.

Where is this in the ios safari version of the web editor?

Video showing accessing Advanced Properties such as the audio override…

You can access MiraCheck Cloud from within the mobile app or from…

FYI, there has been an update to the MiraCheck Cloud app for Advanced properties. All advanced properties related to the labels have been moved in a panel directly underneath each label instead of buried down in the general Advanced panel.

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Feature Request: Change the term Audio Override to something like “Actual text for Text-to-speech (Optional)”.

Audio Override sounds like we should upload a recorded sound file, or that it will override the aircraft intercom music or something.