Background image and global setting changes

Being a web designer this is probably just me wanting something cute, but would it be possible to have an image in the background of the checklists?

Secondly, I like all (or at least the vast majority) of my items to be mandatory. I have been modifying a “built-by-someone-else” checklist for a 172. All the items are non-mandatory. Is there a global way to set all to mandatory? It would be much quicker to remove the mandatory for the few than add mandatory for the many. This could apply to many parameters - fonts, colors, etc.

Currently there is no globally in the app to do that. You could export as CSV and make a global change like that and then re-import.

As far as background image, we will add it to the backlog. Not trivial as it requires storing in Cloud and caching offline on device.

Thanks for the update. I’ll check out the download as CSV - that’ll work - just far quicker.

As far as the background image, does it really need online storage? Couldn’t it be set to store locally which would make the job easier?

Could but not ideal. The content on the device is just local cache of what store in cloud so content can sync across devices and be restored if remove app.

Ahh right! Didn’t consider multiple devices.