Background Noise

I’ve seen some posts showing a background noise slider in settings. I can’t find this option. Does it still exist?

There is no background noise slider anymore. That was an earlier version with a different, much inferior, voice recognition technology. Yes it had a slider, but its recognition rate was still subpar. Newer technology deals with background noise in different ways but doesn’t have options like that. What use case are you having a challenge with background noise? With a high-quality bluetooth headset which also cancels noise at the mic, and with the newer technology, you should get very good recognition performance.

I’m not using a Bluetooth headset. Do I need to?

What use case? During preflight or in the aircraft? The voice recognition works in open air, but definitely a lot of background noise can give any voice recognition challenges especially if that background noise is also other people talking. A headset definitely improves the situation. Most headsets are designed to first reduce background noise.

I was wanting to use a standard non Bluetooth David Clark headset. I’ll try it in the air and see how I get on

My comment was more meant for preflight. If in the cockpit, it definitely will not work without a headset. Definitely way too much noise with the engine. There are some good products that convert legacy headsets to bluetooth…

Ok. Thank you. I’ll get one

Note, I have tested a similar product and it works pretty well. Note, headsets like these don’t have the same advanced technology like Bose and Lightspeed or the latest David Clark’s where they have good noise cancelling mics as well. The Faro device is pretty new and have not had a customer yet give a review, so if you happen to purchase, it would be great to let the community know how well it works.