Bluetooth Problem

I’m a brand new MiraCheck user…When I link my iPhone or iPad to my Bose A20 headset, I can hear Mira and (after some tweaking) Mira can hear me. However, if I link my iPhone or iPad to my PS Engineering PMA-450 audio panel, I can hear Mira through the headset, but she can’t hear me. I tried the first few Bluetooth Compatibility options without any effect.

Although this is certainly functional, my passengers may think that I’m talking to myself. If I can link through the audio panel, then everyone can hear Mira. Has anyone else tried to link to the PMA-450? Any advantage to the PMA-450A? Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback Dave. We were at Oshkosh this year and I connected with PS Engineering to show them what we were doing and to try to get some support testing MiraCheck on some of their audio panels. We did a preliminary test on one of them but I forget what model, and it worked with the Bluetooth functionality, but initially didn’t do a great job at the voice recognition. We have a very limited time to test it and since then some big improvements have been made on the MiraCheck side in regards to voice recognition. I have multiple times reached out to them since then to try to get some support to no avail. As a customer, maybe you could shoot them an email and maybe it could get the ball rolling. What you issue above seem like is they may have not implemented the bluetooth interface for hands-free calling which is what MiraCheck is using for voice recognition on that device or there is some non-standard issue with that interface. The 450A may have added that.

Iam having good success with my voice recognition om my I phone but not so on my 2 i pads 11+ versions. Am i missing something? currently not using head set ,when i do I will be Blure tooth to Bose and will audio panel help mike function? I don’t get that.Help will be appreciated.

Not sure why you would be having issues on iPad and not iPhone. Can you expand your Properties on the menu with the audio settings are and take a screengrab?

As far as your second question I am not following what you are asking there. A Bose paired bluetooth to the iPad works very well.

Here is a video showing very rapid response with that setup.

As I said in earlier post, going through your audio panel we do not have any test results for and your mileage may vary. It is an extra layer of processing and it depends on the implementation of the audio panels.

I’m having a new problem with A20 headset mic. Mira works fine. But Talk to Mira is not working with the bluetooth mic on the headset. A different (non-aviation) bose bluetooth headset mic works fine. The A20 also works fine for phone calls and Siri. Oddly the Voice Memo program also (like Mira Check) fails with the A20mic but works with the other bluetooth headset. I wonder is this due to the new iOS 13 update??
This is true both on my iPhone and on iPad.

I am not positive. I flew yesterday and have an A20 with no issue. I am on the latest iOS version. This seems like you may be specifically having an issue with your A20 and bluetooth, especially if it is having issues with other apps.

Sometimes a complete reset of you Bluetooth connection with the A20 can help.

First in the Bluetooth settings on iOS do a Remove Device.
Reboot iPad.


From the Bose manual…

Clearing the headset pairing list
With the Bluetooth feature on (Bluetooth indicator flashing), press and
hold and at the same time for seven seconds. The headset will return to
pairing mode.

You also may want to go through the Bluetooth section in the manual.