Bold words in item label hide last word Android app

If a word of an item label is bold, the last word of that label will not be displayed in the Android app.

  • **Lorem ipsum dolor** displays as “Lorem ipsum
  • Lorem **ipsum dolor** displays as “Lorem ipsum
  • **Lorem** ipsum dolor displays as “Lorem ipsum”
  • Lorem **ipsum** dolor displays as “Lorem ipsum
  • Lorem ipsum **dolor** displays as “Lorem ipsum”

I am not seeing the issue. Tried to reproduce.

Can you give a little more detail? Are you using the Rich Text Editor or Advanced Editor?

You can also share your checklist by using the Create Share Link action from the menu on the checklist card. You can email it to

I created a test checklist that replicates the behavior I see here.

I used the Advanced Editor to manually type in the markdown.

This is what I see in the app:

My device is a OnePlus 5T (A5010), running Android 10 (official OnePlus May build).

Wow, ok that’s pretty crazy. Maybe it is Android 10. Will try to reproduce. This is the same checklist you shared with me on a Galaxy Note.

Ran your same checklist on latest Android 10 in simulator and still no issue. Not sure what can do to try to reproduce. Curious do you only see issue when bold text? If you put double underline do you see same issue?
__lorem ipsum dolor__

If you put single * or _ around each word to italicize does same thing happen?