Branch on completion of section

In some of my sections the last item in the list branches to somewhere else, usually around some other sections that are for other situations.

The problem is that if I long press on the section title bar to “check off” the entire section, the "Link on Check’ on the last item is not processed. The section titles don’t have any “Link on Check” option.

We will look at honoring if the last item has a Link on Check or potentially adding a Link on Check at the Section level.

In the next release Version 4.4.6 this has been addressed. If the last item in a section is using linking, then it will honor it. It also now allows you to add a Yes/No item or Picker as the last item and if you check the section it will stay on that last item so you can make a selection.

There is also a new feature that if you set the property Ignore Completion on the last item of a section, it will also check all items but pause on the last item. Sometimes a user doesn’t want it to automatically move to the next section after checking all items in a section like the default behavior. This allows you to put an item like a Label Only item PRE-TAKOFF SECTION COMPLETE where it will pause on that item after checking all items and not immediately move to the next section like TAKEOFF. When you are ready to start the next section you would the tap that last item or say CHECK.

Great! Looking forward to it!

Apple approved Version 4.4.6.