Bug: CSV Import - LabelOnly not set

The CSV Import doesn’t set the “LabelOnly” flag. Exporting a Checklist containing an item with the flag “Label Only” and reimporting the CSV again will leave the “Label Only” flag of the item unset. The “Label Only Background color” is imported correctly though…

Best Regards

What value are you putting for the Label Only? All of the boolean values need to be TRUE or FALSE, and all caps.

Also, after your bug report, I did see an issue with the export. A new build Version was just released fixing this. If you do a test and export again, and change a Label Only to TRUE and then re-import you should see the flag get set properly.

Originally I tried the import with the lower case true/false like the export generated. Changing it to upper case solved the issue.

However, I noticed another issue with the import. It seems that the three “link” fields of the items (LinkOnCheck, LinkTarget, LinkAction) aren’t imported. At least they weren’t imported in my case and also the fields were gone on my test case (export - import - export - diff both CSVs).

Many thanks for the help and best regards

Thanks. There was an issue there. The linking should now be fixed as well.