Bug: external links auto-change to lowercase in iOS 14

Hi, I recently updated to iOS 14, and noticed that the external links I use in checklist items have stopped working. I have figured out what is happening: MiraCheck is changing the letter case of the URL to all-lowercase. This causes the URL opening to fail in whatever external app tries to open the URL. This is not a problem if the URL doesn’t have capital letters in it. This worked fine in ios13.
see video screen recording
To replicate:
Open ios 14’s Shortcuts app
Make a shortcut named “testing” (lowercase)

type this the URL into iOS 14 notes app: shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=testing
Click Done.
Open this URL from the iOS 14 notes app to make sure it does open the shortcut.
IMake a new checklist item in MiraCheck editor.
Enable an external URL link checkbox and pulldown
Paste in the URL that has capital letters in it
Save list
Open list in Miracheck
Checkmark the test list item
The shortcuts app should now open.
Go back to shortcuts and add a capital letter to the shortcut name. (testinG)
modify the URL in notes to match the new capitalization
Tap done.
Tap the modified URL to make sure it opens the shortcut properly.
Copy that URL into the Link box in the checklist.
Checkmark the item in MiraCheck

  • Shortcuts app will give an error that there is no shortcut named “testing” (with lowercase G)

Good find and thanks for the detailed steps! Will be submitting an update today so hopefully will roll out over next couple days.

Apple approved Version 4.4.6 which has this fix.