Bug in Linking To a Section

If you jump to a section via a GOTO initiated by a Yes No checkbox it reads the first item in that section even if that item is already checked. Logically it should skip to the first unchecked item in the section. Worse yet it requires you to uncheck the item and then check it again to move on.

It evidences the same behavior even if the first item is checked as ignore completion or if you have set up a Link on Check to the next item.

When you GOTO to the section via a Yes No checkbox if the first item in that section is an EMPTY check box (no entry for the label as opposed to a blank) There will be no voice and the cursor will sit there until the box is checked. At that time it will go to the first unchecked box.

If you ask it to read a section and the first item in that section is an EMPTY check box the voice loses its place and reads one item ahead. Not a linking error but still an error.

I agree with the first point and we will take a look at. When Goto a Section, go to first unchecked item in section.

I do not understand what you are saying in second paragraph.

In paragraph 3, are you trying to do a workaround because of the first issue?

I guess my question is if we resolve the first issue, would there be any need for everything else you are talking about?