Cannot login to ipad app

I cannot login on my ipad (pc only). I initially set up free subscription on Ipad. I know my login ID and password are correct since I am logged in now on my PC. I have removed the app and reinstalled on my ipad, but when I put in the login id and password it just gives me rotating dial on the screen and nothing ever happens.

I upgraded to the pro plan on my ipad this morning one day after I signed up with the free plan. However the app wants me to purchase it again and again. I have removed the app and re-installed it and then it says I have too many devices registered. So I remove the device and then I can sign in but it still says I am on the free plan and need to upgrade again. What gives? With all the comments on here from folks who have had the same problem which you had to fix individually, I thought a bug like this would have been fixed by now. Please correct this so I can start learning and using the app.

The app store also shows I paid for app

My user name is Lancairav8r

Your app should now reflect the Pro Plan if you refresh / reload the app.

I understand the frustration. Of course we want to fix an issue like this as it affects our operations and satisfaction from customers. We have not been able to reproduce the issue yet. It happens to a small percentage of users and typically when purchased through the the App Store instead of our website.

Thank you, I appreciate your quick reply and your help in getting me up and running. All is now working and I am quickly putting together the checklists that I think will be a tremendous improvement to my single-pilot operation. Thanks again

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