Change Audio Output from within Mira

Love this app.
I am having trouble getting the audio to work effectively. When bluetoothed to my PMA8000/BT Bluetooth audio panel, as soon as I try to click the mic icon in Mira, not only does the mic not connect, Mira disconnects the speaker connection, switching the audio output to the iPhone X speaker (even though in the iPhone Settings, it still shows the BT connection). Yes, I am aware of your post about PS audio panels.
It would be nice if you had an icon to switch audio from within Mira. That way, if you do get disconnected, you can quickly get audio back. See
I was coming in on a bouncy approach, accidentally hit the mic button instead of “check” and lost all audio (yes, I know about the Big Check overlay). Could not get it back without completely exiting Mira and then going back in. Have had a similar experience running Mira through a Bose A20 BT headset.
Thanks for a wonderful app. I very much enjoy using it.

Thanks for your feedback. It looks like directly in the OS from the task manager page in the Music component you may be able to switch. Here is a short video showing…

It my test here it was switching between Bose A20 and iPad speaker.

Would be curious to see what results you get.