Checklist complete callout

it is a good cabin practice to callout “checklist complete” when copilot has finished the current checklist. Would be nice to have this feature as an optional one that could be turned on or off through configuration

Thanks for the feedback. It seems like pilots have different terminology of what is considered a checklist. In MiraCheck there are tabs at the bottom like Preflight, Inflight. In each of those tabs there are Sections like Run-up, Cruise. Would you deem each Section a checklist to call complete, each List like Inflight, or when all Lists and Sections are complete?

It should be after each section. The idea is to get an audible alerts from Mira that all steps has been checked and there are no further steps to expect.

If you want to make it agnostic, go with “section complete” for each section, and list complete when a section within is complete.

I generally use sections as “inflight,” “ground” etc, but have them grouped with lists like “run up” and “starting engine.”

Thanks for the feedback. We will add an option for each…Callout Section Complete, Callout List Complete, Callout Checklist Complete.

@gavilan and @NickDBrennan Version 1.5 has been approved. Mira now announces when sections, lists and items are complete. For now it always does this because seems like a great feature. In future may add option to turn each option off.

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@NickDBrennan I think your terminology of what you are saying is opposite of what we have. In MiraCheck, Lists are the tabs at the bottom like Preflight, Inflight and within Lists there can be one-to-many Sections like Run-up, Starting Engine.

Yeah. I used the wrong terms but you captured what I meant

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Thanks to all. Grat work!