Checkmate imposed limitations?

I just purchased one of the Checkmate add-on checklists for use within Miracheck. This is the first time I have tried a Checkmate checklist. It appears there are some significant limitations with these Checkmate add-ons that take away some of the significant Miracheck differentiators. Specifically, it does not appear to allow the columnar printing option, and it does not appear to allow exporting to CSV. Are these limitations imposed by the Checkmate vendor, or is this additional functionality that can be provided?

Sorry. Yes they are imposed by CheckMate and is in our contract with them. Because they are a print business, they did not want any robust printing from our system. They also want to protect their copyrighted content so no sharing or exporting easily of the content. If you do not like the limitations, we can refund the checklist and it will be removed from your account.

On our home page in the CheckMate section it states…

The best checklists are the ones you do yourself. I fly a Mooney so I took the Mooney checklists from the 231 POH and changed the flow of the checks to suit my style - without deleting any of the checks. I’ve added items into the lists as time has gone by and I’ve discovered things that I forget occasionally that I really shouldn’t.