Climb check activating multiple times


I’ve added the new co-pilot phases to my checklist, it works really well until I get into the climb phase: I get prompted for the climb check at the right time, but after I complete that checklist, I get prompted again during the climb to start the climb check (if I decline, the prompt comes back after a bit).

I had this behavior on all flights since I started using the copilot phases feature so far, it’s a bit annoying.

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Is it going back and forth between cruise and climb?

If I finish the climb check section, it moves to the top of the cruise check (since it’s the next check anyways), but then I get prompts “Do you want to start the climb check? Affirmative/Negative” during the rest of the climb (after declining a few times I usually close MiraCheck until the after landing check, so I can’t tell what happens later)

I see. At the end of the Climb section put a Label Only Check item so it pauses there before moving on. Here is my Climb section…

Also for that item enable Ignore Completion. This basically says when you get to that last item the section will be complete.

I would suggest doing this at the end of every section where you don’t want it to auto-advance to the next section.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will implement them and test on my next flight

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