Cloud editor - Color Rows in Comment

I’m playing with the editor to see how much of the content of my paper checklists can be ported into MiraCheck. Here’s one:

I’m trying to use the advanced editor to create a instrument approach configuration table for easy reference in my Descent/In Range checklist.No problem getting a basic one:

Kinda good enough. But what I really want is:

That graphic is a screen grab from my raw HTML code. I was thinking writing it into the Source in the Comment editor would do the trick but no-go. Is adding a background color style to a row a non-supported function of the editor?

(I have a work-around, so no big deal, but it wold be nice to be able to do it in the editor)

It is strange the editor does not accept background-color as an attribute on a row. This is a third-party html editor that we use. A bit tedious, but if you didn’t already figure it out, you can add a background color on each TD tag.

Doing a little research there is actually a WYSIWYG way to do this in the editor. The video below shows how…