Constancy of voice recognition

I am a new user and am experimenting with Talk to Mira. I turn on show commands so I can see what it thinks I said. I find it is very inconsistent. Saying “Done” shows “DUNN”, saying “OK” can be “O K” or “OKAY”, etc. Surprisingly, saying “CHECKED” often doesn’t translate to anything.

  1. Is it possible to restrict the vocabulary of the speech recognition only to those words in the checklist or program?

  2. My preference is challenge/response but it is too inconsistent. As a work-around, I would like to NOT use challenge/response and use Label 2 as the response but populate the Label 2 Narration Override with generic words that work well for me.

For example:
Label 1: Flight controls
Label 2: Free and Correct
Label 2 Narration Override: OKAY | O K | DUNN | DONE

The PROBLEM is Mira says the Label 2 Narration Override rather than just Label 2. Can that be suppressed?

I too have difficulty with Mira “understanding” CHECK. I’ve changed all my responses to CHECK from previous challenge/responses in hopes of simplifying “her understanding.” This was done after reading the creator’s user manual and suggestion to keep the responses to a limited number.
So far, even CHECK for 100% of the responses has not resulted in consistent understanding by Mira.
My set up is: Lift Helmet w/Bose A20 Headset connected directly (wire) to the iPad mini 5, and the microphone enabled on MiraCheck. After waiting for NLP Initialization to complete and Mira says “I am listening.” I begin my checklist, only to be frustrated with her not “hearing or understanding” most of the time.

This is related to background noise. In a noise free environment it works all the time. In the cockpit, you might have to try different acoustic set-up on talk to Mira menu.

If having to change acoustic set-up from noise free to cockpit is necessary, then the app should be programmed to take that into consideration and “auto-switch.” Having to switch manually can be, at the minimum, frustrating to have to remember to do upon getting into the aircraft. Then remember to switch back to noise free upon exiting the aircraft.
No, there needs to be a “one size fits all” (as it appears to the user) acoustics set-up. We have more important things to focus on…

I my case I am testing as I develop the checklist in my office so no background noise. By turning on SHOW COMMANDS it was pretty clear it has a problem with CHECK or CHECKED. I did find that other words work well so I set up my checklist for challenge/response. Then I override the Label 2 Narration Override with the “challenge_respose | COMPLETE | OKAY | O K | DUNN | DONE | AS DESIRED | AS REQUIRED | CORRECT”. This way, the words I found to be reliable are always available. So I say OKAY or DONE instead of “CHECK”.

Seems to work well.

HINT: Export to JSON to append the standard responses so you don’t have to touch every entry.

Hmm, it definitely should understand CHECK consistently. Something to try would be to uninstall the app so everything is clean and don’t yet index any airports when it asks. From the menu Talk to Mira, disable to Voice Search and put on Show Commands. This would start with the smallest voice recognition dictionary. Then see if CHECK is consistently recognized. If that works, and you want to try Voice Search, then select the areas you want and turn Voice Search back on to see if that is causing an issue.