CSV Import not working

I’ve exported a checklist as “advanced CSV” and did a major rework of the contained data using a custom excel file (e.g. automatically setting stuff like link id’s, gotos, colors, audio overrides). However, when trying to import the modified CSV again, nothing happens after selecting the file… importing the sample c152 list works so there’s probably a problem with my CSV file. Would it be possible to add error messages to the import page… otherwise I’d probably need days to figure out what’s wrong…

Thanks. Error handling could potentially help a little, but with CSV, if the file is not really CSV, the error will be archaic and not get to the issue. In this case I looked at the file you uploaded and it doesn’t look like valid CSV at all. For one, I don’t see any commas separating the fields. There are online CSV validation tools to see if it conforms to proper CSV. I think you may also have some issues with the encoding of the characters.

https://csvlint.io is one of the tools you can try which will validate that you have proper CSV and will also try to give you error messages.

One question…do you have this as a CSV file you can open up in Excel and it all looks good in Excel with the same way it was exported? If so, please send me that file to support@miralouaero.com.

Actually, the excel doesn’t contain the csv but instead the data as split worksheets, which are merged and writen as a text file via a makro…

Commas was a good hint… Excel uses a semicolon as seperator for CSV-files on computers with german location setings, so i converted the export from “,” to “;” before importing it… and forgot to convert it back when exporting… the export also contained another few issue which i found with csvlint (thanks for that url) and it still contained internal columns that should have been filtered out… I managed to import the list now!!!

Many thanks and best Regards

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