Custom built check-list (MiraCheck or other methods)

I am curious to know if there is any poll on how many GA pilots out there utilize a custom built checklist using MiraCheck or another platform.

Because I fly a homebuilt RV-9A, all my checklists are customized for my aircraft.

My homebuilt Lancair 360 requires a custom Checklist and MiraCheck works perfectly through my Lightspeed Headsets. I also carry backup checklists that are printed directly from the Miracheck app.

I also have an RV9A based at KCXO. Just signed up. would love to see your checklist and if you had any issues setting it up

I received an email with your question “way back when” and answered via email. Heard nothing back from you, so I’m replying via the web to see if you received my access approval to my checklist?