Default Speeds in KTS or MPH

I would like to know how to set the displayed speed for things like V speeds, Va, best glide, etc. I think that used to be an option in CheckMate.


Mark, there was a feature in CheckMate that allowed you to display the speeds for the checklist in KTS or MPH. Special syntax needed to be used in the editor to do this. The syntax was…

Best Glide [speed 60;69]

…where the first number is KTS and the second number is MPH.

We still have support in the editor for this syntax, but there is not yet an exposed preference for you to switch. In CheckMate it was a feature users didn’t seem to use. Is this something you are looking for? To be able to toggle the speeds of a specific airplane model checklist from KTS to MPH?

Yes, I was hoping to use that and make it list specific. I am starting commercial training in the Piper Arrow and the outer dial is MPH and all of the placards and POH is in MPH so I thought that would be less confusing to memorize. I wanted the speeds in the checklist to matchup.

I would like to see both speeds similar the CheckMate one of them bold. For Cessna can be KNOTS and for Arrow II MPH. For each checklist user or developer should specified display both or single airspeed.

This feature is now there. If you go to MiraCheck Cloud and go to My Checklists you will see there is an menu option on each card to toggle between KIAS and MPH. You will need to use the special syntax in the editor [speed 60;69] for this to work.

Please see previous reply to @mhrussell1. The CheckMate checklists already use the special syntax [speed 60;69] and there is now an option to toggle per aircraft what you want displayed. So on Arrow II you can select MPH and on Cessna can select Knots. With the CheckMate printed cards they have to show both, but since this is digital, it shows only what you would want to see for that aircraft so there is no confusion. If you actually wanted to show both in the digital checklist for some reason, just replace the [speed 60;69] syntax with exactly what you want…

For example…

**60 KIAS** (69 MPH)

…would display…

60 KIAS (69 MPH)

I am using the special syntax [speed 60;69] but I cannot see the toggle option how can I switch MPH <-> KIAS.

Where is that feature?


Thanks much. Works great!

Mark Russell

Log into the MiraCheck Cloud web app. From the menu select My Checklists and for each checklist there will be a card. From the menu on the card you can toggle the speed units.

I have one more question. I am using Android and in my checklists any items starts with Vr, Vx, Vy etc. speeds will be omitting by voice command.
“Vx - Best Angle Climb : 96” or "Vr - Rotation 65"
I can hear only “96 MPH” or “65 MPH”

Please can you help to resolve that problem.

That seems strange. We will have to look into. Can you tell me what checklist in your account you are seeing that with? I assume you are referring to the Reference list where those speeds are.

I fixed that issue.You can find “Piper Arrow II” on our home page. I was not able to override my label2 in advanced section, looks like you have a bug. I switched columns: in label2 I am using your Markup format 60 KIAS (69 MPH) and in Advanced Audio 2 [60;69]

When you say “I was not able to override my label2 in advanced section” can you explain a little more what issue you are having. Any content you put in Label 2 Audio Override is what Mira will read instead of the content in Label 2.

Also can you give more a little more detail what you are trying to accomplish. It looks like you want to show both the MPH and KIAS on the screen at the same time. Are you also wanting her to say both KIAS and MPH? Curious why it wouldn’t be better to use the toggle we have so the user only sees and hears the units they want.