Deleting history

Dear Jeff (@admin)

Trialling the Pro version, I could see history of all the tests and attempts, but cannot delete it.

Is there a way to delete these either by going online?

As I see it, storing the history also takes space on the disk (both on cloud and perhaps the device), is it worth allowing the deletion, especially for people that are testing out the app?

Many thanks!

There is a toggle in Preferences of the app to not store sessions in the cloud app. It does store each session locally so that you have the ability to resume a session if you exit the checklist or the app gets removed from memory or crashes. If you remove the app and reinstall it then all local sessions will be removed. If you have created content in MiraCheck Cloud you will not lose any of that if you remove the app. That content will sync back to the device (but the individual sessions won’t),