Deleting Read-Only copy (shared link) deletes original too!


A New user issue I suppose, but a bit ambiguous about how I lost my original checklist this morning.

I had posted about the “Ignore Hidden Items/Sections” yesterday, indicating I had sent a Shared Link to you in email.

I’ve been modifying the checklist, updating and fine-tuning yet still have the issue. So, this morning I realized I hadn’t provided the version information in the email I sent about the Ignore Hidden Items/Sections issue. I sent those details in an email followup. As an after-thought, I decided to test the Shared Link in the original email, just to make sure it was useful for you.

Here’s the sequence of events leading to the loss of the original checklist, and the Read Only copy.

  1. From the email I had sent to you I selected the Shared Link,
  2. After a few moments, a screen came up with a success message indicating the checklist had been retrieved. On this screen there was a link to review the checklist,
  3. I followed the link and after logon to the MiraCheck cloud, I was presented with the Checklist screen where I now had another copy of the checklist, with an altered graphic logo (kinda like seeing the original graphic in double).
  4. I selected this checklist, and a popup indicated you can’ edit a shared link, but you could make a copy if you wished to do so. There was on option to continue or cancel, I chose cancel,
  5. Back at the Checklist view, as there appeared (what I thought) to be double checklists, I did a right-click delete on the “Read Only” copy, as that seemed useless to me as I was the author of the original,
  6. I continued with the delete, after being warned this can’t be undone.
  7. Poof. My checklist was gone. Original, and copy.

I still have the latest copy of the checklist on both the iPhone, and the iPad, but it appears there’s no way to send my copies on the iPad or iPhone up to the cloud. I can run these copies, but I can’t upload, edit or save them as far as I can tell.


  1. Is my only option to re-create the checklist in the cloud all over again?
  2. And I’m guessing the Shared Link I sent to the Support email (for the Ignore Hidden Items/Section) is now useless as this is broken for you too?

NOTE: I recreated this issue, recording my actions. Video sent to support email a few minutes ago. Thanks for looking at this.


FYI-- the Share Link is to share with others, not to share with yourself. So what happened here is since you shared with yourself, it created a new card with the green icon for that. A Share Link is not a copy, but an actual reference to the other checklist. So when updates are made to the checklist, all people that it is shared with get the updates as well. Since it is a reference and not a copy, when you deleted it, it deleted the original because it is just a reference to it. Ideally, there would be some smarts that if a user creates a share link and shares it with themself that it doesn’t let you delete the original, but honestly, something like that was not thought of-- and now that we see the issue, we will try to address in a future release.

Okay, makes sense. Guess I found a corner case. I won’t do that again :smirk:

Thanks for taking the time to sort that out, and considering a fix.