Designating items that start and stop the flight timer

How do you designate which items start and stop the flight timer? I’ve seen the video about the feature, but can’t find anything in the cloud editor relating to this function.

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In the Advanced Panel of an Item you will see it…

I thought those fields were for geographic tracking, and using them seems to confirm that, as they triggered a request to enable location services in iOS, but they don’t affect the flight timer. When exporting my list in advanced mode to Excel CSV, the fields “itemStartTimer” and “itemStopTimer” are correctly set for the two items I want to start and stop the flight timer, even though the “Start[Stop] Tracking when Checked” fields in the cloud editor are blank for both items.

Somehow I was able to designate when to start and stop the timer when originally creating the checklist, but now I can’t figure out how I did it, or how to change it.

The “Track Location” field in my checklist is blank.

I hope I’m not being dense about this…?

Sorry. Good find! You definitely aren’t being dense. Yes, the setting of the timer got lost when the geolocation tracking was introduced. It should be back now…

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Thanks so much for looking into it. A fantastic product!

Thank you. Big release coming soon. Stay tuned!