Desperately needs editing via drag/drop

MiraCheck is very hierarchical. It’s structure is begging for editing via select/drag just like any outliner made in the last 20yrs. We should be able to drag a section/list/item, etc. and drop it where it want it in the structure.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, in last 20 years it was easier on desktop apps. Drag/drop in web apps typically not a great experience, and trying to support all browsers as well as on mobile is a challenge. We do make it easy to Cut and Paste Lists, Sections and Items as well as move them up and down.

Drag and drop on web pages is a perfectly fine experience!!! Immediate off the top of my head example: open a Google Sheets document. Enter something in a cell. click the number of that row, and drag the row down the sheet. THAT IS A GREAT EXPERIENCE. Please implement this.

Please listen to your users more, and remember that your unique experience may not be the most common user experience.

Yes Google Sheets is a great experience (although I can point out a large number of pet peeves as well, and I am pretty sure Google won’t listen). They have a large engineering team behind it and even larger budgets. Engineering is a balance of tradeoffs with finite resources and prioritization. We do listen to our users and if you go through posts in the forum you will see that in many cases. Hundreds of users across the world also rate the app pretty high. There happens to be a large number of priorities with any software, some which may not align to exactly what you want.

BTW, our authoring tool is web-based, and drag/drop present further challenges trying to support in mobile browsers. Google Sheets does not even support a web-based mobile version. Supporting web-based authoring, including drag/drop on all the mobile browsers out there is not fun. They force you to download the native mobile app.