Disable/ limit countdown audio for timers

I have two countdown timers that I use frequently, and often together; one for switching tanks and the other for holding. It appears that in all timers the last 60 seconds is punctuated with an audio call out every 10 seconds, even if the Don’t Speak Audio is checked. What brought this to light; I was in a hold using my Hold timer when the switch tank timer entered it’s last 60 seconds mode, now I had two timers counting down in my headset, that’s enough to drive you nuts!

For me personally, I would like to receive a 15 seconds “heads-up” on my Hold timer while I would prefer to only hear the “Switch Tank” message for my Switch Tank timer.

Feature request:

  1. Create a dropdown list for the countdown audio with values such as None, 10, 15, 30 seconds, etc. The Don’t Speak Audio option would remain independent of the countdown option, as it is currently.

Thanks much.

A good suggestion. Something we will look into. In the short term if Don’t Speak Audio is still announcing callbacks, that is a bug, and something we will fix soon. For your suggestion of options for the callback, we will put as a future request.

I would like to see an option for a timer able to be added to any item. For example if that item is not checked then it would be verbalized again at the end of the timer. This would continue until the item was checked, skipped or any other item was responded to. It would be useful for situations where there is a delay in your response and Mira sits waiting for a reply.