Download 5.0 into app

procedure for downloading the 5.0 version into the app

Thanks. It can sometimes take up to 24 hours before Apple deploys all updates to iOS devices. If you have auto-updates on then you should get it automatically. If not, you can occasionally check for an update.

The MiraCheck Cloud app should be at Version 6.0.0. If you don’t see that version, first try refreshing the browser.


Is version 5.0 available on Android as well, or not just yet?

If of interest/you need beta testers, I’d be happy to test it out. Not looking for freebies; I paid for the lifetime option.


It is not yet available for Android. Android is always a much longer testing cycle. We are hoping to get out over the next few months. Will let you know when we are at a Beta period. Thanks!