Editing and filters

It would be enormously helpful if I could filter my checklist when editing in Mira Cloud, to show which items are enabled by which filters. It’s very tediuous to have to go through 100 items looking to see which items are enabled by a given filter.

A new feature has been added that surfaces the Filter Tags in the hierarchical view. This allows you to expand the entire hierarchy and easily see what items have Filter Tags applied. It also surfaces if you have added ID’s to item that are used for linking.

You will see labels on all items with Filter Tags and ID’s.

Excellent! Thank you.

One more little thing. The “Done” button at the bottom of the Filter page where we set filters is not very big and is positioned right at the bottom of the screen. It would be nice to have a much bigger “Done” button to hit after setting filters.


I like the easy ones.

This is what it will look like in next release. I moved the DONE button up as well since your fingers will already be pressing the switches.

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I’m a new sure so I apologize if I have missed the answer to this in the forums:

  1. I’ve tried so far with only one filter tag “IFR”, but it never comes up as a switch. Is there some setting I need to enable to make filters work? This is what it looks like on the cloud:

I also have two other problems:

  1. None of my links work. I am only using internal links, I have added the link ID to the items I want. But when activated they all say “ID you are linking to could not be found”.

  2. When I choose night mode, Mira quits, and won’t restart unless I delete the app, reinstall and sign back in.


Looking at this screen grab is helpful. Make sure to press Enter after type your filter tag. You will see a little gray tag after hitting enter.

For your links, are you adding an ID on where your link target is and for where you are linking from are you prefixing with #.

ID: link-target

Link ID: #link-target

Taking screen grabs for how you are trying to link would be helpful.

For #2 I do see an issue with Night mode. We will address this in the next release.

Many thanks, that took care of 2 out of 3; I’ll stay tuned for the next release for night mode.

Night Mode has already been fixed and submitted to Apple. Version will have the fix. It may take a couple days for Apple to approve and be rolled out. Thanks for your feedback.