Embedded videos - autoplay?

I’m trying to embed a short video from youtube (actually, a 30-second countdown timer), which I would like to “autoplay” when the user says “show comment”, so they can trigger the video without touching the screen.

I can’t seem to get the “autoplay” feature to work. Any ideas? Here’s the video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/t_Bb4PfLvJE

It looks like may be a limitation of the YouTube video running in a WebView. We will take a look at to see if anything can be done. As you may be aware, you will need network connectivity if playing a video, so most likely can’t rely on in a cockpit.

FYI…we are releasing soon Timer functionality in MiraCheck where you will be able to have countdown timers start from within your checklist. Stay tuned!

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