Emergency Bug in App

If there is no checklist named “Emergency,” saying “Emergency” crashes the app.

Easy workaround to create the emergency checklist named “Emergency,” but a bug nonetheless.

I usually call my enmergency checklist section “Emergency Procedures” so that is how I found this one.

Thanks for the bug report! We will get fixed in the next release.

I have Emergency Procedures list and sections with different emergency issues. I’ve noticed that I can’t check each checklist section for a particular emergency (e.g. POWER LOSS) unless I have checked items in previous sections under the list Emergency Procedures. the emergency procedures list isn’t like the Normal checklist items that can be checked in sequence. Different emergencies can happen at different times. How do I get to check individual items in any one particular emergency section?

I am not following. Here is a video of an Emergency section. The design for the Emergency section is to have all emergencies collapsed so you can easily read them all and then you can click the + which expands the section you want. If you click the title, she will read the entire section to you. There is no dependency where you have to check items in previous sections first.