Emergency list not showing up on the sidebar

Hello Jeff,

I did create an emergency checlist by simply creating one named “Emergency”. I did add a one section and one item for testing. I synchronised it with my MC app.

Once the list was created, I was expecting to see the red triangle on the sidebar. The issue is I do not see the triangle on the sidebar in any of my procedures.

Over the last few days I did look in the forum for a similar issue. Found nothing about the “Emergency” triangle not showing up on sidebar. I have to mention that I’m on Android 10 - MC version 4.1 Beta. Could that be a bug in the beta version?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Did you add a Section called Emergency or a List called Emergency? A List has a blue icon in the hierarchy. A Section has a yellow icon. A tab at the bottom of the screen is created for each List and a List called Emergency should create a button on Checkbar. If you did create a List and it still isn’t working please go into MiraCheck Cloud (https://checklist.miracheck.com) and on the checklist select from the menu Create Share Link… and email it to support@miralouaero.com.

Ok, if I understand, a Emergency Procedure cannot be a Checklist but only a List within a Checklist.

You are showing in the above image, a procedure for a specific plane and all its procedures in it. That means you copie and paste your Emergency Procedures for each plane you fly with minor modifications. I’m sure many of us use individual Checklist. For exemple, in MC I have (working toward for some) a Weather&Map Checklist, a Preflight Checklist, an Inflight Checklist, and on and on. I’m not the type to have a per plane Checklist.

I think it is preferable to have a stand alone Emergency Checklist. I do not really want to have to copy, paste and test Emergency Procedures every time I create a new Checklist. Also, I do not really want to partition my Emergency Procedures. I would like to keep them all in one big Checklist. Exactly like I have them on paper.

Therefore, would it be possible in a futur update to have the ability to go to an Emergency Procedure that is a Checklist. Maybe the way to do it would be to add in the control panel the option to have our Emergency Procedure as a Checklist or a List. This way MiraCheck would know where to look when the Emergency Procdures button is used. If the Emergengy option is postionned on “Emergency Checklist -> ON”, it would look for a Emergency Procedures Checklist, If the Emergengy option is the postion “Emergency List -> ON”, it would look for a Emergency Procedures with in the checklist the user is in.

I hope it makes sense. Please let me know if that is possible.

This is something we would look at in the future. The Emergency button currently is limited to the List being within the current checklist you are running. Many emergency procedures typically would be different for different aircraft models. Also a large number of user typically only fly one aircraft so it also isn’t as big of an issue for them.

Thank you very much for your reply. Paperwise, to be proficient, I keep my Emergency List seperatly and not at the end of my Plane’s Checklist. Easier to get to and apply. I really hope you will bring on this special feature so Emergency Checklists can be handle from anywhere within MC.


You could do a link to a separate checklist,
I’m thinking of building separate lists like emergency ground and emergency air so that the relevant list is in front of me at all times and I don’t end up doing the wrong list.