Error message when trying to activate voice

Receiving the following error message when trying to active voice on all of my checklists. Just started happening after using app for about 4 weeks. I have 4 checklists and this started happening after updating the 4th checklist. I tried changing various voice setting but nothing works It mentions “indexed for voice recognition” and Challenge/Response but I don’t use Challenge/Response… So just wondering what the programmers are looking at when needing to display this message.
“Error occured while creating decoding graph from the text. Voice recognition will not work until the issue is resolved.”

It typically means there is some content in the Title property of your Lists or Sections that the voice recognition system is having an issue with when generating content for voice recognition to work. Do you recall what content you updated after updating the 4th checklist? In MiraCheck Cloud, share this checklist using the Create Share Link function and email to

I have also had this problem for several weeks without changing my checklists. Are you able to provide a little more detail please on what content the voice recognition may “have an issue with”? Is it symbols, or particular characters? Or abbreviations?
Also, for challenge/response checklists, is a Label 2 OK if it contains square brackets []? Is a Label 2 necessary even for a Yes/no item?

I also started to receive this error. I uninstalled the app, power cycled the ipad, then reinstalled the app (indexing the lower 48 states). I enabled challange/response and talk to mira. The error did not happen.

Thanks - that worked