Feature Request: Label Advanced Feature button

Hi, The current interface to editing labels is inconsistent and confusing.
Confusing: I’m looking for the advanced info for a lable. Oh there’s “show advanced editor”. But where is the audio override?
It’s incredibly unintuitive to click the header title itself.

Put the advanced section and the advanced editor in the same “reveal” section.

The inconsistent part - at the very top in the green bar there’s a caret button that expands the section. PUT THIS ON THE LABEL ADVANCED SECTION.

The Show Advanced Editor toggles between Rich Text Editor and Markdown Editor. Label 1 Advanced panel is showing the advanced properties of the label. Many users never dive into those, but they are there if you need them.

Maybe will rename Show Advanced Editor to Show Markdown Editor to be more specific and not confuse it with Advanced label properties. Putting Advanced editor in the panel would be strange. It is replacing the other editor, not in addition to.

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I think renaming to markdown editor would be perfect :smiley: