Feature Request: slide in checklist OR have always up Emergency button

IS here a way to have the check list slide in to give more room for the left pane, or a way to just keep up the emergency button? I would like to have that always up, but do not need the actual

checklist while in cruise flight and would like more of the fore flight display instead.

Just a thought, on the image the blue arrows show what to collapse and the green circle highlights having the emergency button available.

Sorry, that isn’t possible. That window pane for multitasking is fixed by Apple and you can either fill it like here, or it can go offscreen. Currently you are having MiraCheck split the screen with ForeFlight. If you just have it overlay then you can swipe it to the right when in cruise and swipe it back to the left when you want to see it. This doesn’t give you the Emergency button always visible though. You would have to first swipe left then click. It is also pretty easy to swipe down from the bar at the top of the window to convert the split screen to overlay mode and then slide it off screen and back on.