Feature Request: support iBeacon detection

Please consider adding support for iBeacons - very small BLE modules that provide passive nearby location identifier info. One desired use case would be when a checklist item is selected, start a timer that waits for a specific iBeacon to be detected by iOS. If it is detected while the timer is still running, goto X section. If the timer runs out without detecting the iBeacon, goto Y section.


Interesting request. If you want to share, curious what use case you may be trying to achieve.

Regards Jeff, not sure what pilot wants to achieve.
Even in Australia VOR / ADF stations navigation is almost obsolete and GPS is approved. -keep up your good work with MiraCheck which is excellentđź‘Ť -Happy flying.

Some Ibeacons are tiny, waterproof and can be powered by a coin cell battery for up to a year. Here are a couple use cases I can imagine:

Use case 1: Fueling reminder- stick an iBeacon near the self-serve fuel pump at your small airport (with permission). During your startup MiraCheck checklist, the Go Get Gas item starts a 20 minute timer, and MiraCheck starts listening for the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) iBeacon. If the pilot goes within 100 feet of the fuel pump before the timer expires, MiraCheck detects the iBeacon and ends the timer silently. If the pilot forgets to get fuel, MiraCheck doesn’t detect the iBeacon before the timer expires, and MiraCheck sets off a repeating alarm sound and iOS notification with the Go Get Gas label text.

Use case 3: Specific airplane detection- if the user flies multiple airplanes, an iBeacon tossed in each cockpit could be used by MiraCheck for:

  • auto-opening a specific checklist on app start
  • checklist logic to skip certain sections, etc.

Use case 4: automatically get your iPad/phone ready for flight when you first climb in the plane-

  • upon detection of the iBeacon, MiraCheck could auto follow a link to an iOS shortcut. (Presumably MiraCheck
  • With iOS Shortcuts, a user can automatically:
    • set iOS volume level
    • Set screen brightness
    • Join a cockpit device WiFi network
    • Open other iOS apps, send data to them
    • Open URLs
    • Speak any information, such as weather forecasts
    • Call phone numbers
    • Set iOS reminders
    • Set/toggle iOS alarms
    • Set/unset do not disturb
    • Set calendar items