Feature request: use Garmin bluetooth feeds for AHRS/POS/FP data

I’ve always felt like one of the shortcomings of this app was that you needed to rely on the iPhone/iPad GPS and enter duplicate information into the flight plan, heading and altitude bugs, etc. It would be great if the app could use the Bluetooth connections to Garmin panel avionics just like Foreflight does and be less of an island This would allow Goose to know the current position/speed/altitude, the current flight plan (and changes as they happen) and more.

Hi @ms1,

thanks for the feature request! Always highly appreciate hearing what YOU as users want Goose to do! That helps us a lot.

That feature request is noted and will be followed up on! Amongst other cool new updates, we have some similar approaches like this in development already to improve both capabilities and accuracy in terms of flight data.
Please give us a few weeks to see how far along we are by end of May, early June. I might be able to share a rough release window by then.

Many thanks & happy Landings

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