Filter logic - OR AND NOT?

Is there a way to apply logic to filters? My understanding is that the current logic is “OR”. If an item has two filters, then it is active if either of the filters is ON. Is that correct?

Situation: I’m at a Towered airport. If I’m VFR, I want to request Flight Following with my taxi request. If I’m IFR, I want to request my Clearance with my taxi request.

How can I create an item which is Towered AND VFR, or Towered AND IFR?

Basically, how can I create some logic other than “OR”. Like NOT, or NOT AND, etc. Standard boolean stuff.

No there is currently no way to apply logic to filters. You could create a tag like vfr towered and ifr towered if you want a switch that only shows items that are both ifr and towered for example.