Foreflight connection resets to off

Each time the app exits, the Preferences > Connections > Foreflight preference resets to off.

iOS v6.1.1.535

Hi @ms1
thanks for the feedback.
The issue has been fixed and a new build ( was submitted to Apple for review.
If your apps don’t auto-update, please keep an eye out for 6.1.2 which should be available within the next few hours, Monday the latest - depending on the review process.

When using Goose <> ForeFlight, please also make sure, Goose is always visible on screen. Either as an overlay (image 1) or on a split screen (2).

For most use cases, my personal preference is the split screen (2) because nothing ever gets hidden behind Goose then.
Please note, Goose is not (yet) able to interact with ForeFlight completely from the background. If you run Goose without seeing it and give a ForeFlight command, Goose will let you know, that it needs to be visible somewhere on the screen to edit ForeFlight. Simply bring Goose back where you can see it and say “update ForeFlight” to push your latest configuration to your EFB.

I hope that helps! Sorry about the delay

Any other issues or questions, please feel free to always reach out!
Thanks for testing and providing feedback!

We appreciate to have you as an engaged part of our community!

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Thanks for the details! I’ll look out for the update.

I’ve also noticed that if I put anything other than a simple ORIGIN DEST route into the Goose flight plan, it instantly updates the FF map but strips the enroute fixes.

So for example, if I paste the following route into Goose:


it’s accepted by Goose, but then sends this to FF:


similarly, KRBD DALL3.TXK KHOT is sent to FF as KRBD KHOT.

Okay, this answer has a number of angles…

I’ll start with the most important aspect:
Yes, we are working on it. :slight_smile:
This one (even though it might feel like one) is not actually a bug - we are just not (fully) there yet.
BUT: wont take much longer.

Now the other aspects.

  • Airports (as waypoints) in Goose
    → For Goose to assist the best it can with navigational tasks, you need the airports you are referencing indexed (Settings > Download Airports and select the region(s) you want to use airports from). After indexing you (currently still) need to “re-train” the NLP. For that simply deactivate & re-activate the microphone.
    → that way Goose actually “knows” about the airports and can talk to you about them.

  • Navaids, V-airways, etc
    → Goose currently does not know about those. You can “use” (as in enter them manually) them already, but there is no functionality behind them. Yet!

What I can say tho is, that the next update of Goose to come (probably 6.1.3) brings the capability of pushing & holding longer flight plan information. So you can keep everything in between ORIGIN and DEST. You most likely still will not have much interaction with waypoints along the way yet, but we will get you there step by step :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the details! I understand you’re not really parsing the enroute portion (yet).

My point was really more that Goose is auto-sending only the origin and destination to Foreflight and this effectively wipes out most of the flight plan that was already in FF. You might consider disabling the auto-send to FF when the flight plan is changed in Goose until you’re able to store/send longer plans.

I’m referring to this scenario:

Flight plan is in FF, copied to clipboard, pasted into Goose.

Realistically it’s the same problem if I created the ORIG DEST flight plan in Goose and had the actual complex route already loaded in FF. Goose is currently overwriting it in FF.

Sorry for thread-creep, but another separate but FF-related issue is that many smaller US airports are not being indexed correctly from OurAirports to Goose, and when they are sent to FF, it fails.

For example, a simple route “T37 TA76” works fine in Goose (and in FF), but it’s auto-sent to FF as “US3364 US4346”, which results in a No Joy warning.

Ah, got it! Thanks
Yes, this is correct, very good point! We are definitely going to fix that “overwrite” issue ASAP - many thanks!

I’ll have to dive deeper into OurAirports to see if/how we can fix smaller airports.

PS: dont worry about thread-ing! That’s what we have the forum for.

Good news is that I think this one is pretty easy to get a big jump in quality…

  1. regularly download latest airports.csv
  2. filter out type=closed
  3. never use the “ident” field to match first. try to match “gps_code”, then “local_code”, then “ident” (or ignore).

Their data is pretty messy. If this app takes off consider using a paid source like jeppesen, navigraph, etc, if you want to match better.


thanks, that does sound very good!

we’ll dive into that and see how fast we can get that sorted

Many thanks

Hi @ms1,

Good news. Not only 6.1.2 went through the review but also even app version 6.1.3, which is now available!

V6.1.2. fixed the reset of Foreflight preference when closing the app.

V6.1.3. introduced the capabilities of passing longer flight plans, enabling Goose to keep (all) waypoints in between ORIGIN and DEST.

I hope that helps already!
The other aspects will be rolled out with future releases in short iterations.

Any other questions, please keep us posted!
Many thanks

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Wow. That was quick! Tested. All good. Thanks!

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You are very welcome!
Keep an eye out for new features and capabilities in the next updates :slight_smile:

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