Formatting list and section text boxes


I can see how to change item fonts.

Is it possible to change the font sizes and other formatting in list and section text boxes?

The small default font size of both lists and sections on my iPad Mini will be difficult to read either at night or in turbulence.





It slipped my mind that we do have a preference for changing the font size within the app. There are many options under the Preferences such as a Night Mode, Font Size, changing the color of the checked items as well as different layouts. These options are available on the Standard Plan or the Pro Plan.

There is a Preview Pro feature to see the advanced capabilities. The Standard Plan has most of those features minus the voice and a few other things. The link compares the plans.

Also, if you listen to Mira, you don’t even have to read the text :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to pay for any plans, if you go into Settings->Display on the iPad or iPhone, there is a Text Size slider that changes it for all apps which some people find useful on the Mini or the iPhone.



I’m on the annual Pro plan.

It has taken me too long to getting around to migrating my checklists from ForeFlight to Mira.





I saw how to change the font size for items - but could not work out how to change the list and section fonts.

Is there an option to adjust the section and list header fonts - or do you have to change the lot via the iPad / iPhone settings?




Thanks for the feedback. Currently it is only applying to items. In the next release we will extend that to sections and lists.