Formatting of text in Item Label1 within Miracheck Cloud does not match the CoPilot app

I am using Excel to maintain my spreadsheet and then importing / exporting between changes.
My typical ItemLabel1 formatting looks something like this:

Flight Log

Within the spreadsheet, after “Flight Log” I hit to insert a line feed which then allows me to enter “CHECK & RECORD” on a second line within the cell.

This translates fine when importing to Miracheck Cloud, and appears just as it does above.

However, within the CoPilot app, it is coming out as:

Flight Log & RECORD

I have a similar issue when I creat / edit in MiraCloud the checklist item is how I would like it to look on 2 lines in Label 1
When I view in Mira Co-Pilot the words spread out and are on 3 lines instead of 2 in Label 1
Jeff I will send you the screen captures
-Thanks PMitch

The screen prints are a good idea, and will do the same.

Line breaks in Markdown syntax are a bit quirky. The proper way to do a single line break is at the end of the line two spaces and then hit return.

Here is an article explaining…

Not sure if Excel is going to allow this or if it will strip those spaces that are needed.

FYI, the mobile app and web app may not look exactly the same and why sometimes the preview can differ a little in certain scenarios. The mobile app is a native app and unfortunately does not have the same level of markdown support as the web.

Thanks. Between the above, and then moving some of the Label1 text to Label2, problem is resolved.