Formatting - Voice Commands

What is the preferred method to format voice commands for use - particularly in the emergency portion of the checklist?

Any List name or Section name can be navigated to from anywhere by prefixing the Section or List name with MIRA as you speak it. So MIRA POSTFLIGHT will navigate you to the Postflight List. MIRA AFTER LANDING will navigate you to the Section After Landing in the Postflight List. Of course, these List names and Section names must exist. If you edited them, then you would say that.

There is even a more advanced feature that lets you add one-to-many commands that you can say for a List or Section. Some List or Section names that are displayed may be too cumbersome to say. You define the multiple commands with the pipe symbol (|) separating each word. The first word that you put will be the one that appears in the app. For the best accuracy of speech recognition it is typically good to keep items to one to three words.

Some examples…
Emergency | Mayday | Help

L / R ENG TEMP Coolant Temperature High | Coolant Temperature High | Coolant High
Say MIRA COOLANT TEMPERATURE HIGH or MIRA COOLANT HIGH - Trying to say the first long phrase with all the abbreviations will work about 0% of the time :slight_smile:

An added tip is that for any Section in the Emergency List, when you navigate to it, it immediately will start reading the entire procedure. So if you speak MIRA COOLANT HIGH from anywhere it will jump you there and start reading it in a pause / play mode. Of course I hope you never have to use these emergency ones!

I’m having trouble with this feature. I turn on Talk to Mira and Say “Mira Postflight” or any Section or List name. And nothing happens. The only one that works is “Mira Emergency” - this takes me to birdseye view of emergency list. But I can’t use voice to navigate to any section within that. Also keywords do not work. I’ve put in “Emergency | Mayday | Help” in the List label, but still “Mira Emergency” is the only voice navigation command that works.
I have tried all three Acoutic Models, no difference.

You have to say GOTO POSTFLIGHT or JUMP TO POSTFLIGHT or NAVIGATE TO POSTFLIGHT. You only have to prefix it with MIRA if the mic is not hot. The mic is green when it is not hot and turns red when hot. When it is green it means she needs the wake work MIRA for a command. You can change the Listening Time for how long it stays hot in the TALK TO MIRA preferences.

ok, that works, thanks